I2Wanderer of the Week: Retha the Roaming Nanny


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For our very first I2Wanderer of the Week, we interviewed Retha, also known as the Roaming Nanny. She is based out of Southwestern Vermont, USA. Retha enjoys hiking, gardening, and making people smile. She also happens to be a full-time Nanny for 4 crazy kids! Retha has been a Girl Scout since the age of 5, which taught her that girls can do anything. And she goes on many adventures to prove this. Retha climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2015 and just got back from Nepal where she reached Everest Base Camp.

I2Wanderer of the Week: Retha the Roaming Nanny

We asked Retha a few questions about what inspires her to wander.

Where is your favourite destination in the world and why?

This one is so hard! Everyone always asks this, but each place has such a special space in my heart for so many different reasons. I’ve never been to a place I didn’t like. Right now the answer is the Everest Region in Nepal. I met so many amazing people there and I know I’ll never have another connection to the world quite like I did while I was there. There is something inexplicably holy about those mountains.

Where is your next adventure? Tell us all about an upcoming trip!

I’m headed to Peru for the second time next week! Then a bunch of regional trips for the summer with my DREAM TRIP in November: Antarctica!!

What do you mostly like to see and do when you travel?

I’m all about the outdoor adventures! Hiking, snorkeling, camping, horseback riding; If it’s an adventure, I’m in!

Is there anywhere you wouldn’t visit again, and why?

Kansas. I’m sorry if anyone is from Kansas, but I really couldn’t find anything I found interesting there.

What is your #1 travel goal that you hope to accomplish in the next year? The next 5 years?

My travel goal for the next year is going camping in Antarctica. Please keep your fingers crossed that we get decent weather while I’m there. In the next 5 years I hope to have visited all 50 states (I’ve been to 48 so far) and all 7 continents (I’ve been to 5 with Antarctica and Australia to go)!

You can find Retha online on her blog, Roaming Nanny, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

One thought on “I2Wanderer of the Week: Retha the Roaming Nanny

  1. So fun! Love the pictures! I hope you get the nice weather you are hoping for during your Antarctica trip. My little girl would be jealous. She has just recently started asking if we can go on a family vacation to either the North Pole or the South Pole.

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