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Allow us to introduce you to Jill! She’s based out of Ottawa, Canada, and she writes for her own outdoor adventure travel blog, AdventureJ. Since her very first trip abroad, she’s had an overwhelming desire to explore and experience the world. Her parents were the first ones who inspired her to wander as they are also world travellers. Nowadays, she draws inspiration from fellow bloggers who inspire her to visit new places and have new experiences.

Where is your favourite destination in the world and why?

Oh gosh, hard question! Since I’m an outdoor adventure junkie I’ll have to go with Iceland and Peru. Both these countries have adventurous activities in spades! There is so much natural beauty to them and I tend to gravitate to mountains and rivers versus tropical beaches.

Where is your next adventure? Tell us all about an upcoming trip!

It’s coming soon! I’ll be heading to France for a short visit with some friends and do some hiking in Chamonix. After that I’ll spend 12 days touring Morocco, a destination that’s been at the top of my bucket list for years. There are quite a lot of outdoor adventures to do in Morocco!

I2Wanderer of the Week: Jill of AdventureJ

What do you mostly like to see and do when you travel?

Outdoor adventures, all the way!

Is there anywhere you wouldn’t visit again, and why?

There’s no place that I would NEVER visit again but, I don’t have any desire to return to the island of Utila. Utila is part of Honduras and one of the 3 main islands in the Caribbean waters. Roatan is its better-known neighbor, which I would have no qualms about visiting again. I spent a week getting my open water dive certification on Utila and I found it to be a bit run down and geared towards the young budget (partying) backpacker. It’s a small island and not much to do besides dive. I didn’t have a bad time there, but I was happy to move on when I finished my course.

What is your #1 travel goal that you hope to accomplish in the next year? The next 5 years?

My #1 travel goal in the next year is to visit my 5 th continent (which I will be doing when I go to Morocco!). In the next 5 years I would absolutely love to make it to my top bucket list destination: Antarctica!

You can find Jill online on her blog, AdventureJ as well as on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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