Canada Trip Ideas Chosen by the I2W Travel Community

Oh, Canada! Canada’s birthday is on July 1st, and we’re celebrating Canada over at the Inspire To Wander travel community. (Be sure to join if you haven’t already!). We hosted a Twitter chat all about Canada recently and shared travel memories and tips all about Canada. The overwhelming theme was complete and utter love for Canada. That doesn’t come as a surprise as Canada has spectacular nature, intriguing cities, and polite and friendly citizens.

We asked the I2W travel community which Canadian travel destinations they feel you should visit ASAP. There were a variety of responses that spanned across the whole country, from sea to sea. We hope this list inspires you to get out there and explore more of the Great White North!

British Columbia

Canada Trip Ideas Chosen by the I2W Travel Community

Tiffany of Epicurean Expats writes: For my birthday, we took a road trip around Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island was absolutely beautiful (minus the logging areas). We went whale watching twice and saw tons of marine life. We went hiking in the rain forests by Tofino and took a boat ride up into the mainland to see bears. Watching the young bears practice fishing for salmon was the highlight of the trip. Victoria was perfect. Small city, but easy to walk around, and the even smaller neighborhoods on the coast has so much character.


Canada Trip Ideas Chosen by the I2W Travel Community

Liliane of My Toronto My World adores Toronto, but enjoyed a memorable trip to Banff National Park in Alberta: It’s incredibly beautiful and it’s in my opinion pretty hard to have a bad time there! There’s so much to see and do that even a week in the park wouldn’t cover everything. There’s beautiful lakes, forests, cute towns, gardens, hikes, hot springs and so much more.

Highlights of course include the absolutely stunning Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.  We woke up super early and drove to Moraine Lake to try to get the best experience possible. Surprisingly, we did not beat the crowds, despite getting there at like 7.30 am but that’s okay because the lake itself is so stunning you forget about the crowds. It’s so incredibly blue that you spend a few minutes just trying to figure out how it could possibly look like that.


Canada Trip Ideas Chosen by the I2W Travel Community

Olivia of My Wandering Voyage fell for Saskatchewan: It’s hard to pick just one place or memory that signifies my love for Canada. I’ve lived here all my life, and I’ve had the opportunity to visit nine provinces. I think, while many visitors to Canada would rush to see its cities (like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver) or its natural wonders (like the Rocky Mountains or either coastline), Canada’s prairies are an underrated beauty.

I’ve crossed Canada 15 times now, and every time I travel through the prairies of Saskatchewan, I am in awe. There’s nothing like standing and watching a storm system move through, or looking up at the countless stars. On one particular trip, I stayed in Grasslands National Park, a beautiful park in Saskatchewan. Here, I saw prairie dogs scuttle and giant bison up close. We stayed in tipis in the park, which is a dark sky preserve. There was nothing more breathtaking that seeing those stars in the Land of the Living Skies.



Canada Trip Ideas Chosen by the I2W Travel Community

Canada Points Guy was left in awe of Ontario’s natural beauty: It was our first time to Tobermory in 2009 and everyone I spoke to had said that Flowerpot Island is a must see. It was an awesome experience beginning by getting there. The only way to get there is by boat and the waves can be quite rough on the way there. Once you get there, its like a piece of heaven. Beautiful views, hiking and just relax and have your own BBQ or picnic. Just make sure you get back in time for the last boat or you will be stranded on the island overnight. Looking forward to go there again.

Canada Trip Ideas Chosen by the I2W Travel Community

Stephanie of The World As I See It discovers Ontario on epic road trips: My favourite part of Canada is my home province of Ontario. Home to a wealth of charming small towns and incredible natural landscapes, Ontario has it all! Within Ontario, I have a ton of favourite spots but a top one is Thunder Bay. A nature addicts dream destination. It’s home to waterfalls, epic hiking trails but also a ton of things to do for every traveler’s interest. Great food, a rich history, and a cool art scene, be sure to add Thunder Bay to your Canada bucket list.


Canada Trip Ideas Chosen by the I2W Travel Community

Lauren of Justin Plus Lauren can’t get enough of Quebec: I find that I keep returning to Quebec City over and over again, no matter what the season. It’s a little slice of Europe right here in Canada. From cobblestone streets to magnificent river views, Quebec City will charm and amaze you. It’s beautiful in the summer and the winter, with a range of events all year long. Check out Quebec in the winter to take part in the Winter Carnival festivities or sleep overnight in the Ice Hotel!

Cathy of RourLoud writes: Montreal is our favorite place in Canada. It is a half day drive for us in New England yet we feel like we have traveled to Europe. The quaint shops and cobbled roads of Old Montreal are fun to explore and very romantic. The city has incredible dining from casual spots to fine dining throughout the city. Festivals run year round and often are free! The art scene is Montreal really stole my heart. Sculptures are everywhere and street art can be found in many spots in the city, every visit is a fun treasure hunt for more art!

New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Ryan Travels and Eats raves about Nova Scotia: Cape Breton Island is the place in Canada I’ve been most, and the place I am most fond of. After living in Philadelphia, it is a wonderful getaway where everyone is incredibly friendly, life moves a little more slowly, and the food is delicious.

The Cabot Trail is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I would embrace living in the isolation of Pleasant Bay (especially if it meant easy access to one of my favorite little restaurants in the world, the Rusty Anchor). The food and beer scene is picking up, and the hiking and scenery have always been top-notch. If I needed to get away and relax, I’d take CBI over most any other place.

Adam of The Sterling Traveler also loves this area of Canada: Nova Scotia is an underrated Canadian province. In addition to a long post-colonial era history, you can find exceptional beauty along any of the province’s roads This is especially true along the South Shore where you’ll find Peggy’s Cove, Chester, and Lunenburg.

Within Halifax, Nova Scotia’s capital, you can learn a lot of the area’s history. Spend some time at the Nautical Museum or head up the hill for a tour of the Citadel – or do both! If history isn’t your thing, then walk around and savor the beautiful scenery, especially the sunsets. Don’t leave Nova Scotia without eating some of the wide variety of seafood it has to offer, especially the lobster!

Prince Edward Island

Canada Trip Ideas Chosen by the I2W Travel Community

Andy of Avrex Travel explored PEI: My wife and I spent a full week enjoying the red sand beaches, provincial parks, lighthouses, and of course “Anne of Green Gables”. Also PEI is a great place to cycle. With over 435 kilometres of trails, we were so happy that we packed our bicycles for the trip. The above photo was taken at the historic Peake’s Wharf in Charlottetown. In 1864, the fathers of Confederation landed at this wharf for the Charlottetown Conference, the first of many meetings that would eventually lead to Canadian Confederation.


Canada Trip Ideas Chosen by the I2W Travel Community

Deborah of Tag Along Travel urges us to visit all of eastern Canada: My most memorable trip in Canada was to our eastern provinces a couple of years ago. It was the farthest distance in Canada that my husband and I had travelled. We saw many stunning landscapes from the pretty Eastern Townships in Quebec to the awe-inspiring Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Remarkably, though, what struck us most was how connected we felt to these places despite their distance from the centre of the country. It speaks to our sense of nationhood. We span a vast geographic area, but we are all Canadian, and I feel at home wherever we visit in this beautiful country.

And…don’t forget Canada’s northern territories!

Northwest Territories

Canada Trip Ideas Chosen by the I2W Travel Community

Lindsay of I’ve Been Bit ventured to NWT: I finally had the chance to visit my first Canadian territory and it absolutely blew me away. The Northwest Territories has so much to offer! From Yellowknife to Hay River and Fort Smith, there is adventure at every turn. Whether you try commanding your own dog sled team, walking on an ice road, learning more about Dene culture, or tackle a road trip around Great Slave Lake, you’ll leave with everlasting memories and plenty of new friends!

Kevin of Wandering Wagars recommends Yellowknife for a family trip: One of our most memorable trips in Canada was hiking to Cameron Falls in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Sliding down hills of snow amidst the beautiful light of Canada’s North was perfect! Ending the day at one of Yellowknife’s amazing restaurants made it even better.


Canada Trip Ideas Chosen by the I2W Travel Community

Gemma of Off Track Travel journeyed up north: I moved to Canada in late 2011 to work ‘just one’ ski season. That turned into three and I now consider Canada home. There have been so many amazing adventures in the last 6.5 years but one of the best has to be when we drove the Dempster Highway to the Arctic Circle and beyond. On the way, we explored Tombstone Territorial Park in Yukon.

Advised by the visitor centre staff that we could hike absolutely anywhere we liked, we picked a mountain on the map and set out to climb it. Just a few hours later, we were looking at the most incredible panoramas I have ever seen; a treeless wilderness with jagged mountains, surprisingly colourful tundra and not another single soul in sight. The accessibility and abundance of nature in Canada is simply unbelievable!


It appears as though everyone wants to go to Nunavut, but haven’t made it up there yet. Have you been to Nunavut?

We hope you’ve inspired you to travel to Canada with our Canada trip ideas. Interested in participating in our weekly Twitter chat? Follow #InspireToWander on Twitter every Tuesday at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. Want to share ideas with fellow travellers? Join the I2W Travel Community!

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